Application criteria

Are we right for each other?

To optimise compatibility, we have set out some qualification criteria for social entrepreneurs at Samfunnssentralen:

You are in the process of starting up or further developing a product, service or company that is of benefit to society. It doesn’t matter if your concept is still in draft form, but what you do have in place is a detailed business plan and the skills to implement it.

The sharing of know-how and experience is essential to the optimal running of our co-working space. Your ability and willingness to make a contribution here are critically important.

You have affiliations with Rogaland county and your product or service can be applied in Stavanger.

Your product or service is in sustainable food production or initiatives to reduce food waste, or circularity – solutions that contribute simultaneously to reduced use of resources and added value, or working for better work – and social inclusion. Your product, service or company is economically self-sufficient.

If you don’t meet these criteria, we’re probably not right for each other. This doesn’t mean that you have a poor concept or that your company isn’t viable. It may simply be better for you to be looking at other areas. Good luck! Perhaps we’ll meet again further down the road?

Application to Samfunnssentralen